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Taranto Cruise Port

Founded by the Spartans in the eighth century BC, Taranto boasts a thousand-year old history that has seen it excel in the Mediterranean thanks to its strategic position, which today makes it one of the main ports in the area.

Located in Apulia, Southern Italy, on the north-western end of the Salento region, Taranto is known as the "City of the two seas", due to its peculiar position between the Great and the Small seas. Dolphins, which for millennia have lived and thrived near the nearby Cheradi Islands, have been the symbol of the city since ancient times.

Taranto Cruise Port is the company that manages the cruise terminal of the port of Taranto. Thanks to its large docks, picturesquely located at the gates of the Piccolo Mare, near the "Borgo Antico" district, the oldest one of the city, it is able to safely accommodate even the largest cruise ships in the world for transit and turnaround operations.

A nascent destination full of fervent dynamism, Taranto is currently the fulcrum of numerous growth projects, which also involve the port and its area dedicated to cruise tourism.

The works have already begun on the new "Falanto" terminal, a futuristic structure that will be able to support intense transit and turnaround traffic flows and which will face a new quay (Sporgente East) perfect for hosting large cruise ships.

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